"BeatsFromHome" is a livestream event of beatlive, performed by dopest beatmakers gathered from all around Japan. All the beatmakers will perform from their home, and all the lives will be relayed for 10 hours straight.

Purpose of this event is to support artists and clubs in Japan since all events are cancelled or postponed in this COVID-19 situation. All the profit made from this event will be the fee for the artsits and the donation to the clubs who are suffering right now.

#saveourmusic and #saveourspace is our policy. Please purchase tickets to watch the show, enjoy, and support the music scene in Japan.







In order to receive the streaming link, please send payment completion screen to where.tokyo@gmail.com. We will send the link in reply.


We will send you a link to the streaming page after you finish the payment by email.

Archived show is free to watch too.


Addition to the plan on the left, this plan contains a download link to the compilation album of artists who performs in the event. We will send the link  in May - June.


Sorry, this event is already over.

Please contact where.tokyo@gmail.com for further info.


​イベントに関するお問い合わせは、 where.tokyo@gmail.comまで。


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